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Frequently asked Questions

No, the kills are generally farmed in normal.

We are offering many services on Apex Legends, with our professional boosters, and thanks to our system we will be to finish your order perfectly, without any delay. 

Apex Legends rank boosting - By choosing this service, we will be able to take you from your current rank to any rank you desire including Apex Predator. Due to our boosters skills, they can easily handle any types of orders up to Apex Predator ones. we have brought to you some extra special options which will be in your favor such as streaming, it can be performed on every streaming platform or Discord/Skype, duo boosting, playing with our boosters has some benefits too, you might discover a new strategy or a new playstyle, maybe some tips/tricks too, along with specific legends option. Winning games can be pretty hard sometimes, that's why we also provide Apex Legends win boosting, maybe you're a new player and you want to reach the final moments of the game or maybe you're just trying to get some easy wins, the services can be performed on PCXboxPS4.

Buying the level boost allows you to choose your desired level out of 500 levels, we will be able to reach your desired level super fast due to our professional players and the experiences they have. Now you can order Apex Legends kill boost - in case you're trying to improve your k/d ratios, you will get 10-15 kills (average) per game and your k/d ratios will shine again!

Maybe you're trying to unlock specific achievement or badges, here's another one for you, our Apex Legends achievement or badges boost -  With our experienced boosters, it won't be a problem anymore, you can unlock any badges or achievements now. Maybe you want to become a professional Apex Legends player. How about learning the best strategy to win the game? Apex Legends coaching - With our coaches, you will learn a completely new strategy to win a game. he will teach you new tips and he will offer you advice in many different scenarios, you can attend your session over Skype/Discord or in the game voice chat. You can set your session whenever you like using the chat in our member's area.

Since it is hard to fit every detail of our products in a single text, we also provide you with a sheet of frequently asked questions down below so if you are still struggling to find some piece of information, scroll down below and navigate through our FAQ (If that's not answering your questions, contact our live chat, we are online 24/7)