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Frequently asked Questions

Yes, simply use a smurf account to spectate the matches or select the option “Stream my boost”

More about League of Legends and ELO Boosting

Have you been playing hours after hours and still struggling to reach a higher rank in League of Legends? Well, don’t be upset yet, because you’re not alone here. You should know that up to 60% of LoL players are stuck in the Silver and Gold tiers. That’s more than half of the total amount of players! Only 0.034% made it to the Master tier, and even only 0.028% and 0.012% made it to the Grandmaster and Challenger tiers. With Elo boosting you can reach any of the ranks mentioned. Challenger players known as boosters will help you rank up your account by either playing on your account or playing with you in a party.

How does the ranked system work in LoL?

Ranked is one of the game modes you can find inside LoL. To play the ranked mode, you need to be at least level 30 and have 20 different champions. The first time you play in this game mode, you will be put into a series of ten placement games. This is to nail down your initial rank. The higher number of victories you get, the higher your rank will be. Now that you’ve got your initial rank, you can start advancing to higher ranks from there. There are nine different tier levels in LoL, with the Challenger tier being the highest one.

While most people start their climb from Bronze or even Iron, if you get a bit lucky you can start from Gold, and even then you will have to go through Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster tiers to reach the tiptop tier. As you can see above, it will take time and energy to climb the rank ladder in LoL. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up crawling up that ladder. Now, pay close attention because we will show you five fast ways to boost your rank in LoL, including using the LoL Boosting service that we offer.

How to Boost Your Rank in LoL

Choose a role and master it

The aim here is to be an expert in one role instead of being mediocre in all roles. Simply choose and stick with one of the five roles available in the game. Let us explain to you what are the characteristics of those roles, so you know which one suits your game style best:

Top Lane: A top-lanner usually uses the teleport spell and acts as the one who destroys the enemy’s tower and as a split pusher. A top lane role is a perfect choice for a one vs. one situation.

Jungler: The main target of a jungler is to assist a top-lanner, so the top-lanner doesn’t lose in a fight. In LoL, a jungler should also help a team kill the dragon to get various buffs.

Mid Lane: For a mid-lanner, the main target here is to clear every minion wave effectively. Therefore, many players would choose a mage character with significant burst damage for this role.

ADC: Attack Damage Carry, or popularly known as ADC, holds the offensive role for the team. When attacking, an ADC is usually accompanied by support.

Support: Lastly, a crucial member of a team, the support. As we have mentioned before, support is expected to be a protector for the ADC. However, it doesn’t stop there; the ADC is also expected to be an informant for the team so that they can know the enemy’s movement and strategy.

Avoid having a large champion pool

Having a small champion pool instead of a large one will help you better understand your champions (damage trades, match-ups, interaction style, etc.). With a better understanding of your champions, you can better judge which champion you should use in different scenarios.

Keep your eyes on the patch notes

If you think that the patch notes don’t have much to do with the gameplay, you are very wrong. Patch notes are there for some reason. By looking at the patch notes, you can know what changes are made to the gameplay, including stats changes on your champions.

Don’t die

We can understand if you think that this one sounds very simple. However, is it also simple for you to do? We’re afraid it is not. More often than not, a player is rushed when they see a chance and makes an amateurish move, which usually leads to death.

Try LoL Boosting

This one may not be familiar to most of you. We can hear some of you say, “What? LoL Boosting? No, never heard of it”. Well, we will try to explain it to you then. Lol Boosting is a service meant to help you reach higher ranks in LoL quickly and effortlessly. With our Lol Boosting services, you can easily climb up to the top tiers. We’ve worked hard to put at your disposal multiple options of boosting so that you can pick whichever fits you best!

We provide division boosting (This is split into two categories, solo boosting - the booster plays on your account and reaches the rank that you desire and duo boosting where the booster will play with you in a party, this is usually preferred by people that do not like the idea of sharing their account), win boosting (Our wins are all net wins, this basically means that if you purchase 7 wins the boost can go 7-0, 8-1, 8-2, 8-3, and so on. Overall, you will receive the number of wins that you have ordered), placement matches boosting (You have a fresh account, or the season has just started? We got you covered! We guarantee a minimum of 70%-win rate out of your placements regardless of your previous rank), coaching (If you are looking to improve your gameplay, game knowledge, mechanics, and more this is the right service for you. Our coaching sessions can be done via Discord, Skype, Twitch or any other similar platform), duo games (This is a cheaper alternative if you want to play with the booster but keep in mind that we do not promise a specific number of wins. Usually, the win rate is quite high during the games but there are no guarantees so if you are looking for guaranteed wins, please purchase win boosting).

Everything mentioned above (Besides coaching), is classified as a LoL Boosting service and we are offering it worldwide!

Why should I use CoolBoosting’s LoL Boosting services?

Now that we have mentioned a little bit about LoL Boosting services, we will give you a brief explanation about why you should use our LoL Boosting services.


Since you are not familiar yet with CoolBoosting’s LoL Boosting service, it is normal for you to question its credibility. However, we assure you, our LoL Boosting service is trustworthy and dependable. For the CoolBoosting team, your trust and satisfaction are their number one priority.

Great accessibility

With CoolBoosting’s LoL Boosting services, you can monitor your account while it is being boosted. Whenever you think that your account is going stagnant, you can simply chat with the CoolBoosting team and ask anything you want.

Safe service method

If you are still questioning the safety and security aspects of using our service, you can go online for user reviews. You will see we offer real results and will do no harm to your account.

Excellent customer support service

Since CoolBoosting offers services to people from different parts of the world, we provide 24/7 customer service support. So, you don’t have to worry again about not knowing anywhere to go whenever you need customer service support.


With all that said, there’s no need to think twice to use CoolBoosting’s LoL Boosting service. It is safe, reliable, and most importantly, it guarantees an immersive result. What a fun way to reach the top tiers, right?