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Frequently asked Questions

Yes, simply use a smurf account to spectate the matches or select the option “Stream my boost”

Are you tired of playing only with toxic players and trolls while trying to climb up the ladder? We know that feeling and we are here to help you have a pleasant experience while playing League of Legends!

We provide a multitude of boosting services such as division boosting (This is split into two categories, solo boosting - the booster plays on your account and reaches the rank that you desire and duo boosting where the booster will play with you in a party, this is usually preferred by people that do not like the idea of sharing their account), win boosting (Our wins are all net wins, this basically means that if you purchase 7 wins the boost can go 7-0, 8-1, 8-2, 8-3 and so on. Overall you will receive the number of wins that you have ordered), placement matches boosting (You have a fresh account or the season has just started? We got you covered! We guarantee a minimum of 70% win rate out of your placements regardless of your previous rank), coaching (If you are looking to improve your gameplay, game knowledge, mechanics, and more this is the right service for you. Our coaching sessions can be done via Discord, Skype, Twitch or any other similar platform), duo games (This is a cheaper alternative if you want to play with the booster but keep in mind that we do not promise a specific amount of wins. Usually, the win rate is quite high during the games but there are no guarantees so if you are looking for guaranteed wins, please purchase win boosting).

Feel free to select any of the products listed above as our boosters will gladly complete any requests! We have boosters all across the globe so this makes it easier for us to boost on almost every server as well as at any given hour.

On top of that, we also have an abundance of special options such as streaming (this can be done via Twitch, YouTube, or even Discord), specific champions (with this option selected the booster will only play the champions that you have selected), offline play or even the option to play with the booster (you play on your own account while duo-queuing with the booster).

Please note that if you receive less than 14 LP per win, we have the right to convert your division boosting into win boosting.