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Frequently asked Questions

No, they will ignore the messages received from your friends or simply answer them under your guidance.

CoolBoosting is here to make sure you receive every Rainbow Six Siege boost in time and without any issues! We have a simple to use system for both customers and boosters so our orders are always finished on time. No matter if you ordered rank boost, win boost or even placement matches our system will work flawlessly in your favor so you can enjoy a smooth service done by a team of Diamond and Champion boosters. To provide you an even better service and extra security we are packed with extra options that you can select for your boost such as streaming (which can be done privately on basically every streaming platform or Discord/Skype), duo boosting, offline play, and on top of all that every booster will use a VPN set as close as possible to your current location in order for the boost to go undetected and add an extra layer of security to your account!

If you are confused about what exactly are our services here you will find a short resume about them: 

R6S Rank Boosting - Using this option you are guaranteed to reach your selected rank regardless of your current points per win, type of boost you select, or any other factor. There are two types of rank boosting, the classic, Solo Boosting, where the booster logs into your account and plays for you until you reach your requested rank. And Duo Boosting where you get to play on your own account while in a party with the booster.

R6S Win Boosting – By using this option you have the possibility to select the exact number of wins that you desire, knowing for sure that you will receive that exact amount. Since no one can guarantee a 100% win rate this is how the net wins system works: If you purchase 6 wins the boost can go 6-0, 7-1, 8-2, 9-3, and so on (usually, it is quite a high win rate but it depends on your rank too). This way you will always get the number of wins that you have ordered

Placement matches boosting – Whether you’re starting a fresh account or a new season has started, we will always guarantee a 70% win rate in placements. The process is simple, you either let the booster get your wins or you play with him in a party during your placement matches, the end result will always be the same.

If you do not find the information you are looking for above or in the FAQ down below you can always contact us on our live chat and ask us anything!