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Frequently asked Questions

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Are you looking to get your current rank boosted? Look no further as CoolBoosting can help you with that. Here at CoolBoosting we have multiple boosting services for Rocket League including rank boosting. If you are not familiar with boosting, this can be done in two ways: Either one of our Supersonic Legend boosters logs into your account and plays for you until he reaches your desired rank (also known as solo boosting) or you can just play with him in a party (duo boosting – this does not require account sharing). After you have decided which rank you want to get you might also consider getting the seasonal rewards wins so that you receive all the rewards for that rank at the end of each season.

Besides our rank boosting and seasonal reward wins services we also have placement boosting which lets you start your season with a minimum of 70% win rate in your placement matches (if the 70% win rate is not reached you will receive a compensational rank boosting); coaching – this can be very useful if you are looking to greatly improve your gameplay, skills and game knowledge. Since all our boosters are Supersonic Legend, they have vast knowledge about every aspect of the game thus capable of helping you improve and overcome certain problems you have and overall making you a better consistent player.

Our newest boosting service is tournament boosting, as this has been recently reworked it is now worth winning every tournament possible in order to receive various rewards such as wheelsgoal explosions, animated decals, and even a tittle for being a tournament winner.

Our website is fully automated so after you have placed an order, there is nothing else you have to worry about. Once a booster is available, he will start your order (usually orders are started within the first 30 minutes), you can then ask him any questions about the progress, process, or anything else. If by any chance your booster is busy boosting and can not answer right then, simply contact us on our 24/7 live chat support and we will gladly help you out.