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Frequently asked Questions

Currently, only with PayPal.

Teamfight Tactics, one of the game releases from Riot Games, is an auto battler that has gotten quite popular recently. We have decided to help out the players in reaching their goals by offering a few boosting services for the game. We are currently offering you the possibility to purchase rank boosting in TFT for an extremely cheap price.

We’ve gathered a team of Challenger players capable of climbing through ranks with the speed of light! We can boost your account from Iron up to Grandmaster in a few days all that at quite an affordable price. If you are not ranked yet don’t worry about it, we can also play your placement games and guarantee you an 80% win rate out of them, this will help you climb through the lower divisions faster and without wasting too much time. Feel free to check our boosting services and select which one fits you best.

If by any chance you are not interested in boosting but you are looking to improve your game knowledge and decision making, our coaching services are just what you’re looking for. You can get coached by the same Challenger players, this way you will not only climb the ranks but you will also absorb all the information offered to you by the coaches. We guarantee to see results after only a few hours of coaching.

You will find more information about our services down below in the FAQ. If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, don’t hesitate to write to us on the live chat, we will make sure to answer you in a matter of minutes.