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More about Teamfight Tactics and TFT boosting

Since its initial release, the auto-chess subgenre has rapidly gained popularity among avid gamers due to its straightforward and easily manageable yet still highly engaging gameplay. In fact, major game developers have created auto-chess spin-offs of some of the most popular titles ever, including Dota 2 and Warcraft. Of course, aside from these, League of Legends fans will also have heard of Riot Games’ very own auto-chess game – Teamfight Tactics. Featuring many of the original game’s beloved characters, players can create their own team and fight against seven other players until only one is left. Still, with its highly competitive nature and need for strategic thinking and effective deck building, it can be tough to rise to the top in TFT alone. Because of this, players are relying on TFT boosting services to get to the top

Why Play Teamfight Tactics?

Although it serves as a spin-off to the wildly popular MOBA game, League of Legends, players also have numerous other reasons to play TFT and even avail of TFT boosting services to help them reach the top. So why should you play Teamfight Tactics?

1. Simple Yet Highly Engaging Gameplay

Building on the original auto-battler game for Dota 2, TFT features simple yet still highly engaging gameplay that allows players to enjoy an immersive gaming experience in a multi-player setting at their own pace. Because of this, players of all skill levels can explore different strategic approaches without the pressures of split-second decision-making that’s common to many MOBA games. In fact, TFT’s gameplay allows novice gamers to quickly grasp the mechanics while still being exciting enough for more competitive players.

2. Unique Combinations of Withs and Luck

TFT also allows for a unique combination of wits and luck, adding another exciting layer to the already thrilling game. Here, you don’t have to trade one for the other; you need both if you want to attain victory. In fact, profound knowledge of the game and battle tactics can only get you so far in TFT; you also need a bit of luck to ensure your strategies work well against opponents.

3. Extensive Selection of Champions

As an alternative game mode to the globally popular League of Legends, players can use some of the original game’s most popular characters as their champions for the game. While LoL players can leverage their existing knowledge of the characters to achieve victory, this doesn’t mean newbies can’t enjoy the game. In fact, part of the game’s appeal is discovering which champions work best for your unique playstyle and adjusting your strategies according to previous matches. Plus, TFT features LoL’s extensive character selection so that gamers can try out new strategies with new characters after each match.

Overall, TFT is an exciting game that allows gamers of all skill levels to hone their strategic thinking and deck-building skills without the typical pressures associated with MOBA games. In addition, TFT has something to offer for all games, whether they have played League of Legends before or not.

Why Avail of TFT Boosting?

Although Teamfight Tactics is relatively more relaxed than the MOBA game it was based on, players can still encounter fierce competition in the game. Moreover, TFT also requires players to carefully think of who to pick for their team to attain victory, rewarding both skill and luck in every game. Because of this, rising to the top is a lot easier said than done in TFT, especially when done alone. This is why at CoolBoosting, we offer TFT boosting services that will allow players to quickly rise from Iron to Grandmaster in just a matter of days. With our TFT boosting services, you can enjoy a win rate of at least 80% for every game, including placement games, if you’re still unranked. In fact, we have a team of several Challenger-level players that will quickly help you get to your desired rank from your current one. Moreover, our TFT boosting services can help you save your precious time, allowing you to rise to the top and play the game on a higher level without spending too much time on the lower levels. In addition, you can enjoy encountering newer and more challenging opponents at the higher levels, allowing you to hone your skills and knowledge of the game without worrying about getting stuck at your current rank. Aside from this, our team can also help you overcome difficult obstacles in the game with our TFT boosting services, ensuring that you experience a seamless transition from one rank to another the entire time. So, whether it’s to climb to Grandmaster from Iron or to simply overcome that difficult step from Gold to Platinum, our team for TFT boosting can help.

Why choose CoolBoosting for TFT Boosting?

At CoolBoosting, we place our clients’ satisfaction at the core of our operations, especially with our TFT boosting services. Because of this, we can provide high-quality boosting services not just for TFT but also for other games. In fact, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you avail of our TFT boosting services at CoolBoosting.

Reliability and Transparency

At CoolBoosting, we understand how daunting the idea of availing TFT boosting services and entrusting your account can be. Because of this, we ensure that we build solid and meaningful relationships with our customers. In this case, we offer complete transparency for all our services, so you can rest assured that your account is safe with us. Moreover, our team for TFT boosting is exceptionally competent, so you can rely on them to efficiently boost your account from your current level to your desired rank in the shortest time possible.


We understand that our customers have different financial capacities, which is why we offer our TFT boosting services at highly affordable rates. Because of this, you can quickly rise to the top without worrying about breaking the bank.


At CoolBoosting, we value the security of our customer's data, so we ensure that all our processing methods are protected by the latest technologies in security. This allows us to guarantee our clients that any information they give to us is safe and secure.

Excellent customer support

Whether it’s inquiries about our TFT boosting services or a problem with your account, you can rely on our fantastic customer support team to handle any concerns you may have. We will be glad to work with you to address any issues, questions, or concerns you may have regarding our services.

At CoolBoosting, we understand how tricky it can sometimes be to climb up the ranks of your favorite game, especially without help. Because of this, we offer high-quality TFT boosting services that can help you climb to the top as quickly as possible.

So, if you’re ready to unlock more of TFT’s potential, get in touch with us today and allow us to support you on your journey to the top. Trust us; you won’t regret it.